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Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:New Mexico, United States of America
I'm still working on this.

I'm painting my way through school, and playing video games. I'm probably a little too old for one or the other, but what can you do? My current video games:

Fallout 3 - I'm pretty obsessed with this one. I tried to play the first two, but I get anxious when games time me.

Borderlands - This is great for playing with friends. Except few of my friends can sit and play for eight hours a day, for an entire weekend. Which drives me a little crazy.

Metro 2033 - I'm stuck in th "run from the communists" part. It's a pretty game, and I like the unique setting, but I hate being herded. I like roaming open worlds.

Speaking of open worlds, my friend bought Red Dead Redemption, so I'm playing through that. He also has a video game obsession, so he left the game at my house. Where I stare at it, knowing I should get work done. I'm currently getting my ass handed to me by mountain lions everywhere I go in-game.

Saint's Row 2 - is a game that my husband and I are playing together. I'm in it for the motorcycles and the character customization. My husband is in it for the "shooting people in the face." We work well together.

I try to keep my video gaming to the weekends: Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays. I feel it important to try not to play games on weekdays. Sometimes I don't succeed.

Sometimes I draw a couple of webcomics: All The Growing Things and The Vagus Street Project. Both of which I'm trying to get caught back up on. It's slow going.

Sometimes I play bass guitar, and sometimes I go to Aikido and Iaido classes. Sometimes I walk my dogs, and sometimes I try to get back into shape. Sometimes I cook for myself, but I try not to because that's what having a husband is for. Pander to me, damnit!

Sometimes I have a potty mouth, but I try not to. Sorry about that.
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